Spesifikasi Mesin Bordir FLAT SERIES YX 904





User-Friendly, Quieter Operation Memory
Latest noise reduction developments help create a quiet and pleasant working environment for operators. Standard memory capacity is 16,000,000 stitches and up to 500 designs, and maximum 2,000,000 stitches in each design.
Design Parameter Save and Copy Freely Scale Up/Down, Rotate
The embroidery conditions include embroidery parameter and color change order can be saved separately into design. It’s no need to repeated enact the embroidery condition when make embroider with other machines or additional embroider. Scale the design down to 50% or up to 200% in the increments of 1%, and rotate in 1-degree increments.
Automatic Repeat Design Editing
A design can be automatically repeated up to 99 times both vertically and horizontally. Modify, insert or delete your embroidery design data stitch by stitch.
Satin Stitch Expansion Frame Back/Forward
Increase actual stitch length according to the stitch length in a design. Frame back/forward is available in units of stitches, color change or designated stitch count.
Embroidery Frame Scope Limit Warning Trace Function
When the embroidery area of the design overrun hoop scope limit, machine will report warning and stop automatically. Check whether a design will fit in a frame before you sew.
Origin Return Automatic Upper/Under Thread Trimming
The frame can be return to origin point or stop point automatically and design starting point can be easily positioned. Adopting non-stop trimming and mass thread-hooking which can reduce the noise, improve the steady of trimming and raise the production efficiency.
Automatic/Manual Offset LCD Display
Facilitates appliqué fabric placement and frame changing. 5 inch or 10 inch LCD screen with USB port .
Languages Power Protection
Friendly interface with multiple languages support, such as Chinese/English/Spanish/Portuguese/Turkish. You can operate the machine after power failure due to design origin point saving and restoring automatically.